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Any human, parent and non-parent alike, can get burned out. You can be emotionally exhausted or working overtime, going through an insomnia period, and many other possibilities. 

I was thrilled and motivated when I was preparing to launch my site and business. There were so many facets that I wanted to share. Yet, I already knew that was nearing a burnout. Still, I pushed harder. Mistake.

Go! Don’t stop! That’s what’s embedded into our heads, even if we’ve read facts and evidence through extensive research that you need to chill.  If someone ever tells you to work through your burn out, they’ve never been burned out. Burn out can put you into a depressive state.

There are instances when you can’t stop, take a break, or get a mini-vaca. What do you do then? You find an outlet, whether it’s only for an hour on a couple of days a week. 30 minutes of doing nothing; no phone, no talking.

I don’t have all of the answers., but I do have experience. If you have a friend who can help you during your burn out, ask! Ask all of your close friends or relatives. It really is so hard sometimes. Most of my friends are non-parents and they’re so busy. My closest friends DO listen, if I need them. They’re busy with Coachella at the moment. 

Although I don’t feel pity on myself, I am exhausted with anxiety, sleep deprivation, worry, and overwhelmed with thoughts. I’m not depressed. I know because I’ve been there; deeply. I really wanted to set off this site with fire and relate to everyone immediately. But I’m here with a cold sore (which I haven’t had in years), and two very visible pimples. So annoying. Of course, I filter before posting on Instagram because I don’t want that to be the focus of my posts. 😜 Good morning, pimple! Anyways.

My in-laws are in Italy. Otherwise, I would 100% get plenty of mommy breaks. And my mother and I don’t speak (going on five years). So 🤔 — Maybe one day we can discuss that situation. It’s complicated. Aside from that, I’ve been unnecessarily Netflix binging. By the time the kids go to sleep and I get some much needed cleaning in, I’m tired, but want to get a break!

Against my friend’s advice (a fellow mom), I started watching “The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann.” After the first night, I could barely sleep. If you’re a co-sleeper like we are, it’ll make you want to continue co-sleeping. It also hits me more because I was kidnapped when I was around the same age (3 1/2 - 4 years old). The difference is that the kidnappers were my babysitters; an older couple who never had children. The other difference is that I was found. I was also almost taken by a group of scary neighborhood guys when I was 12. It was frightening! I still remember my knees were like jello. Save those stories for later.

Back to being burned out. I hope that you recuperate, if you’re in the same predicament. It’s not a fun place to be. It usually is unavoidable once you know it’s zeroing in. Yet, being aware of it, moreover, foreseeing it, is key. 😉